vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Umbria in autumn... experience this.

Everybody knows that a long hot summer in Italy and particularly in Umbria is like a dream that came true. I am certain that everybody likes the long warm evenings on a terrace to watch the fireflies and enjoy a cold drink while the crickets sing their songs.
cantina Peppucci's vineyard

But have you ever thought about Umbria in autumn? I can assure you that nature is almost like a painting. The various types of green have changed into various types of yellow, terra and gold and, standing on a hill top, the views of the valley will be amazing.
view from Monteolivo's garden

Umbria in autumn is also the season in which its splendid food will be at its best. Atumn is the game and mushroom season and when you're lucky, you can take a guided tour and search for your dinner yourself.
various types of mushrooms

Autumn is vendemmia time. Though Umbria provides the most delicious wines the whole year around, it may be a good idea to try a vino novello and roasted chestnuts for a cosy dinner at the fireplace.
In daytime, you may like to visit one of the cantine and see how they turn the grape harvest into one of Umbria's jewels, the Sagrantino. Our website contains links for special wine tours.
cantina Scacciadiavoli

Autumn is the season in which the olives are picked. The famous fluid gold will be a sensation you will never find the like... visit a mill or one of the cosy shops that sell typical products. 
our oil is canned

Of course it is impossible to give any guarantees on the weather, but more often than not the weather can be very pleasant and you may even be able to have your lunch outside at one of Monteolivo's terraces.
Monteolivo, yard

In the evenings, you can sit at the fireplace, grill a sausage and plan your tour for the following day to one of the many picturesque medieval villages that can be found everywhere in Umbria.
Monteolivo, the fireplace

Monteolivo-Umbria still has the last week of September and the first three in October available, in case you would like to experience all this beauty yourself.  

Montecastello di Vibio 

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