zondag 19 januari 2014

Animals, I love them

Today was a great day. It was hotter than the devils´frying pan, the kind of weather you´ll never have in Holland, not even in midsummer. Which made me long for a cool soak.. but, since here in Umbria you are very close to the Good Lord and I did not want to take the risk, I didn´t say that out loud.

For the ones that know why this was a special day: Yes, I made it, and no, I didn´t make it enough to be able to move and live here forever. Which makes me think I am doing someone else a favor again without anything in it for me. But on the other hand, I love people, and this makes me get to know new people. I´ve met some recently that are sure worth to know.
By the way, I met someone who has a black and white cat that looks exactly like my beloved Pio. So I told him and guess what... his cats´ name is... Pio....

That brings me to animals. I am an animal freak. Even Marcellos shitheads are cute (to see.. as long as you don´t hear them). My neighbours here have a new, cute horsie, that I wanted to show to my company. Right at that moment, he was peeing from a **** something that almost hit the ground. I at once liked him a little less...

My friend Alessandra put a bunch of pics of her new goats on Facebook and I am really pissed of that I cannot find the time to go over and see them. Not to mention the cheese I could make... Why don't I live here??

Leaves my neighbors' sheep. I had not seen them until today, but they were there, with cute little lambs. Unfortunately, they were scared as hell, so it's not a very good pic.
And, since I am Italian.. I really really love lamb roast for my Easter dinner....

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