zondag 19 januari 2014

Home again

A fire in the fireplace, a splendid sun outside, my coffee tastes awesome and so did my croissant alla crema, The Matteus Pâssion sounds from the kitchen. Perfect circumstances for a blog. Or for life, but let me start with the small blessings first.

He only disadvantage about Umbria is, that it´s so far away from Holland. It means that you have to behave like a snail traveling through the Netherlands, than all the way through Germany, only to pull the brake entering Switzerland, where only 80 kmph is allowed most of the time. The Swiss aren´t bothered by any European solidarity and in my opinion, their economy can make it only by the fines they charge you for speeding. Which exactly caused my main problem: not before the Swiss border the Gotthardtunnel appeared to have its week of closure from 22 pm till 5 am. It was 20 pm when we crossed the border, so with 169 kilometers to go, it should be possible even with those stupid speed limits. And then.. a huge traffic jam at Luzern.. all the traffic had to pass by one lane only..no roadsigns....I didn´t know I knew so many curses in such a short time.
Yet, together with some other determined Italians, we made it at 21.45 pm. We´ll probably find the tickets getting back in Holland.

The rest of the trip isn´t worth telling about. At 10 in the morning I handed my chiavetta to David from Tim Italia. He murmured something about being dependent when I asked for a `senza limiti` internet service and thought 100 hours should be sufficient for just one week. Likes taking risks that guy.

All I had to do after that was having spaghetti con funghi e pollo con salvia for lunch and fall asleep at the pool. And watch the new bathroom.... I thought only the heating broke, but it appeared that both bathrooms have been completely destroyed. The melting snow has not only ruined the walls, but also the cupboard with my stuff in it. Fortunately, my stereo, coffeemachine and dvdplayer were in another corner so the only damage i have is a missing pillow and tablecloth. Which made me pissed off at first, but that was before I went upstairs.

Well, for now, buona giornata a tutti. I´ll be outside. NOW.

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